Tuesday, January 6, 2009



Excerpts from “Lead by Example - 50 Ways Great Leaders Inspire Results” by John Baldoni (in 2007 he was named one of the 30 most influential Leadership Gurus)..Amacom Book, New York (2009).

1. It all starts with character
2. Knowing what you know (and dont know)
3. Accountability: The buck stops here
4. Courage: Stand up for what you believe
5. Check your ego
6. Take a hard look in the mirror
7. Patience, patience
8. Make your presence felt
9. Communicate, communicate, communicate
10. Listening for ideas
11. Developing questions
12. Giving feedback
13. Decisiveness: decide or not
14. Influence: getting people on board
15. Influencing without authority
16. Know how to win
17. Hang out the lifelines
18. Manage (and lead)
19. Managing by inclusion
20. Manage around obstacles
21. Leading innovation
22. Moving from what to how
23. Delegate (and execute) for results
24. Upside-down leadership
25. Make it personal (sometimes)
26. Sustaining a winning culture
27. Defusing tension
28. Engage the enemy
29.Managing crises
30. Avoiding the cross-purposes trap
31. Delivering bad news
32. Persuading the unpersuaded
33. Handling defeat
34. Perseverance: keep pounding the rock
35. Resilience: get up and do it again
36. Adaptability: everything changes, even leaders
37. Forgive (not forget)
38. Avoid the blame game
39. Negotiate position, not values
40. Being tough
41. Letting off steam
42. Developing team confidence43.Managing dissent
44. Recruiting good people
45. All you need is love
46. Get off the pedestal
47. Grace: make it look effortless
48. Humility: get out of the limelight
49. Remembering the pasta
50. Humour:Lighten up, it’s only work

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