Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Smoking offenders ignore House rules

Source: The Star Online

SMOKING is banned in Parliament except for a designated area be­­hind the MP’s lounge but asking the MPs and even Government officers to comply with the rules seems to be a difficult task.

Several “no-smoking” signs placed at various public areas in the august House since last year have also disappeared.

Both backbenchers and opposition MPS can be seen violating no-smoking rules.
Yesterday, Loh Gwo Burne (PKR-Kelana Jaya) was puffing away when speaking to Khairy Jamaluddin (BN-Rembau) at the back of the MPs lounge while Da­­tuk Kamarul Bahrin Abbas (PKR - Telok Kemang) was “caught” smoking in the lounge by The Star photographer.
Loh said he hardly smoked inside the lounge.

“Only on rare occasions. But there are many other MPs who also smoke in the lounge,” he said.
It was the same at the cafeteria.
A source in the Parliament administration said even enforcement officers from the Health Ministry did not dare come to issue compounds.

“How do you tell a minister or an MP not to smoke ?” an officer asked.



Salam Wira

Kalau Pegawai Admin.Parliment takut menegur YB-YB merokok.
Di Parliment tentu ada banyak CCTV dipasang. Gunalah rakaman CCTV untuk mengeluarkan saman kepada YB-YB sepertimana kita orang awam disaman oleh Trafik Polis & JPJ kerana melanggar had laju ( Speeding).
Nobody is above the Law and yet this happen in the house of parliment (lawmakers) where LAWS comes from.
Shame on lawmakers.

vicky said...

No matter who are we , we have to show our respects and obeys the implementing rules. If anyone is finding to commit the rules, then actions has to been taken on the offenders, eg, smoking in the supermarkets will be fined. Put up the notice " Fines will be imposed in Smoking in Prohibited Areas"

rayliew said...

Budaya apa ni? MP Pakatan Rakyat biasa sudah dengan pergerakan sedemikian.. Kan Kementerian KEsihatan telah mengadakan kempen larangan merokok di tempat awam dan mereka yang ditangkap akan didenda..begitu juga dengan MP berkenaan..Pegawai Dewan hendaklah diberi kuasa untuk memberi SAMAN kepada mereka yang melanggar peraturan dewan,,,,kalau masih tidak dikawal, satu hari nanti DEWAN yang mulia akan diselubungi ASAP...ASAP...yang membahayakan kesihatan..