Monday, March 16, 2009

Kedah Siamese want English policy to stay

PENDANG: The Kedah Siamese Association is all for the teaching of Science and Mathematics to be continued in English.

Its chairman, Bun Yin Ai An, said children of Malaysians of Siamese descent faced no problem in learning the two subjects in English and that the language had helped them to be more open-minded."The teaching of Mathematics and Science in English has helped our children learn and to better understand the two subjects.
"It has also helped them to widen their scope on many things," he said after the opening of the association's inaugural annual general meeting by state BN chairman Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid here yesterday.He said the majority of Siamese children had fared better in most examinations, including in last year's SPM examination.

"Many of them obtained As including A1s in both subjects." Bun Yin said it was also imperative that the authorities get feedback from the students on the matter."We also need to consider their views. "Those who have gone through it and those still studying the two subjects in English.
"This has to be done with fairness without the interference of those with vested interest so that we can decide if the government should discontinue teaching the two subjects in English or to carry on."The present controversy is not healthy and we should not belittle our children's views on the matter."

Source: NST (March 14, 2009)

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