Wednesday, September 1, 2010


DAP continues to be an ignoromus an Islamic-based matters. This was vivid as in the case of MP Serdang (DAP) who unashamedly violated the rules of surau Al-Huda, Kajang. She displayed disrespect when entering the surau without proper attire.

This MP should realize that there is a limit to everything. The keyword here is respect and this apparently, is lacking in her. If this is not checked, she may have the tendency to repeat this act in other suraus, especially, if the surau committee continues to be laxed.

The Selangor MB (PKR) seemed at loss on this matter affecting his own colleugue in the state. It was unbelievable that the MB did not show the slightest concern or interest affecting the Muslims. Why was he behaving awkwardly? Was it because he lost control or perhaps, lacking in leadership. It is indeed, a sad phenomena, which should be addressed by MB in a serious manner.

Observers felt that the MB has lost his grip over his comrades in Selangor. He seemed to be sliding in this performance as a State Leader.

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