Monday, September 19, 2011

All Followers Are Idiots, Lenin Said

All followers are idiots, lenin said Mat Sabu of PAS goofed again. This man pretended to know everything why the blunder? He misjudged people’s intelligence and went overboard. He attacked kepong defenders and hailed Mat Indera, a deviated Ustaz, as a hero instead. Something is fundamentally wrong with Mat Sabu. How can he worship. Mat Indera, a cpm militant, who had commited killings and atrocities against innocent people in kepong? His mindset was communist and his brutality said it all. To several analysts, Mat Indera was a confirmed commie, akin to chin peng the academics have their views but try to fathom Mat Indera’s barbavism at kepong the peak of last days was chequered with merciless slaughtering of the kampung folks in vicinity of kepong, labis, ledang, jementah ,Melaka. Mat Sabu from penang has no inkling at all on the gross militancy of cpm terrorists in Johore and the nation at large. Lenin described followers as idiots and these included Mat Sabu Of PAS

by MM

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